The City of Roseville has made big improvements to water efficiency, reducing water consumption by more than 30%  compared to 2013. Let's all help to sustain the gains for our city! Learn ways you can save water and money:



The drought emergency might be over for now, but California is always susceptible to recurring droughts and water shortages, so we should limit the amount of water used for any given purpose.

Help sustain the gains we've made so far!

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We know Roseville residents have done a great job reducing water use, so how can you participate in saving more water?  

Inside: Buy efficient appliances, like high-efficiency washing machines and high-efficiency toilet fixtures. You can also check for leaks, and avoid letting water run.

Outside: Use hydro-zone planting, drought tolerant landscaping, efficient irrigation, compost and mulch.

Check out our rebates, learn tips to save water, and enter to win our landscape makeover contest and you'll receive a FREE CAR WASH from Quick Quack Carwash!


Convert your water-thirsty grass to a water efficient landscape. The City of Roseville will rebate customer $1.00 per square foot of turf grass removed and replaced with water efficient landscape up to $1,000!

You can find great ideas for your low-water use yard designs below! 

Funding is limited and applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. For the application and more information about the terms and conditions of the rebate program, visit

Call (916) 774-5761 for more information.

Cash for Grass Application

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