Eco-Friendly Landscape Designs

The New California Landscape promotes a balance between urban landscapes and the environment, includes diverse and beautiful aesthetic qualities, and facilitates the efficient use and management of resources, especially water. These landscapes use less water, require fewer hours of labor, and produce less green waste. Reducing landscape
maintenance means fewer mowers, fewer blowers, less noise and cleaner air.


Right as rain #1

What could be more eco-friendly than the on-site capture and use of water from irrigation and storm events? This landscape includes a variety of permeable materials and elements to achieve just that. A number of walkways provide easy access to all parts of this landscape so the
year-round color plant palette can be enjoyed.


neat & petite #2

With an Emphasis on recycled materials, and on-site water management, this eco-friendly landscape demonstrates how a variety of features, materials, and plants neatly fit into this small-scale property with bountiful beauty.


wholesome habitat #3

Worthy of “National Wildlife Federation” designation, this landscape provides water, shelter, and food for birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects. With its edible gardens, Children’s Corner, Labyrinth and Citrus Grove,
it’s like a small-scale learning laboratory for the entire family, connecting children with nature and promoting gardening that is in harmony with our environment.


recreation destination #4

There is something for everyone in this landscape. It offers sophisticated style, a Mediterranean-style plant palette, and a flow-through design for easy access to all parts of the property for maximum entertaining, gaming
and relaxing.